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Founder of popular service launches new website for nightclub ratings and reviews

SUNNYVALE, CA (PRWEB) March 23, 2005 -- Tired of nightclubs that are too boring, too expensive, or too loud? Tired of weak drinks and surly service? Tired of waiting in line while the doormanís buddies get VIP treatment? Want to find a club that fits you? If so, a new website for rating nightclubs, (, will save you from wasting time in clubs that arenít right for you. The site allows users to rate nightclubs on five attributes: music, place (location and facility), vibe (people and atmosphere), drinks and value. Users can write short comments about their experiences in the clubs as well. was founded by internet entrepreneurs John Swapceinski and Bob Nicholson.

"People are constantly looking for recommendations for good clubs," stated Nicholson. "We decided the time was right for club patrons to talk to one another and share their experiences." president John Swapceinski is also the founder of, America's largest college professor rating site, and a co-founder of and Swapceinski said, "The tremendous popularity of RateMyProfessors has demonstrated the unmet demand for ratings and reviews, for all sorts of services. We think the nightclub market is a great fit for online ratings."

Visitors to the site can praise or pan nightclubs and bars by leaving ratings and comments. They can check out other clubs by reading the comments left by previous visitors.

The site is also useful for club owners and managers, who can find out what their customers really think about their clubs. is free of charge to all users.

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