Canadian Author Scores With "Timothy's Take-Out"

Ontario native Paul J. Barker is pleased as punch these days, and who could blame him? His petulant little novel is attracting readers from all over the globe.

(PRWEB) February 27, 2005 -- It wasn’t too long ago that Mr. Barker was in the kitchen of his fast food restaurant, reminiscing with a longtime employee about all the insanity they’d been party to over the years. When the employee suggested that he write a book, he pretty much laughed her out the door – but the seed had been planted.

"Timothy’s Take-Out" was effectively conceived that day.

A comprehensive look at the inner workings of a fast food joint, penned by one who’d been in the business most of his life and had scores of side-splitting anecdotes to draw upon… It was just too good an idea to dismiss. Barker set to work immediately, and the result exceeded even his unrealistic expectations.

"Timothy’s Take-Out" is a comic gem of a novel, so lovingly written one tends to forget it is also a biting commentary on the foibles of mankind. Outwardly, it is the coming-of-age-story of Carl Fellows, an introspective loner who is bewitched (by a charming resort town) into taking a job at one of the noisiest and most repulsive fast food joints on the face of the earth. The young man grows to despise the obnoxious clientele he must bow and scrape to on a daily basis, but hits upon the idea of channeling his rage into various constructive avenues outside of work. Although little good comes of this idea, it does serve to effectively distract him.

It’s as if the black cloud hanging over Carl will allow him no happiness at all. The guy’s personal life, so tarnished by unrequited love, capricious friendships, brutal violence, etc., is even more problematic than his “professional” life. He continues to plod forward, and the tenacity he displays in doing so would be absolutely inspiring – were it not emanating from such an egocentric idiot!

You are literally two or three mouse clicks away from acquiring your own copy of this delightful novel (ISBN# 1-4137-3164-3). Either drop by the author’s website (, or check out whatever online bookstore rocks your world.

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